NEWS RELEASES 2013-14 :: FEBRUARY 19, 2014


Summary reports of teacher and administrator (principals/assistant principals) performance for the 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13 schools years are available online at The 2012-13 data also includes ratings for Standard 6 on the teacher evaluation, which uses student growth estimates as a measure of teacher effectiveness.

The online data reports are intended to provide a resource that is user-friendly and easily accessible so that parents, educators and other community members can see data reflecting the effectiveness of instruction in their child's school. This information also can illustrate how schools and districts are using the evaluation data to ensure a stronger teaching and administrative staff.

"As we continue our journey of remodeling our schools in order to prepare students to be ready for college and a multitude of rewarding careers, we must continue to provide our parents and our supporters with good information about the effectiveness of our educators," said State Superintendent June Atkinson. "This new online system is a major step in the right direction and establishes a clear baseline for observing progress on educator effectiveness in years to come."

It is important to note that the data reported are in aggregate or summary form. The evaluation results for teachers are presented at the school, district and state levels. The results for administrators are presented at the district and state levels only. The reports do NOT include information on individual teachers or administrators. Such data are considered confidential personnel information.

The NC Educator Evaluation System is a growth instrument, which measures knowledge, skills and dispositions of teachers and administrators as they move from developing to distinguished educators. For example, the majority of schools and districts will not initially reflect a "distinguished" designation, but over time, parents and community members should be able to see how improvement is happening at their school and in their district.

Upon visiting the site, the viewer will see introductory text explaining North Carolina's Educator Evaluation System. This includes:

  • an explanation of the evaluation process;
  • an overview of the six standards for teacher evaluations; and
  • an overview of the eight standards for school administrator evaluations.

Three tabs across the top of the screen allow searches for the evaluation results – again, only by school, district and state levels – from the 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13 school years.

A minimum of five administrators in one district must have been evaluated in order for aggregate results to be reported at the district and state levels. A minimum of five teachers in a school must have been evaluated in order for aggregate results to be reported at the school, district and state levels.