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This Parent, Family, and Community Involvement Information website represents one of the many initiatives to educate, inform, and advocate for strengthening the role of parents, families, and communities.

The goal of our webpage is to help keep parents, families, and the community involved, enabled, and empowered. If we are to leave no child behind, we must bring every parent, family and community along as well.


Parent and Family Involvement: A Guide to Effective Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in North Carolina Schools 2nd Edition
This second edition includes suggestions and resources for program enhancement and comes with a toolkit to help schools engage families and community members in the process of raising achievement for all children.
(pdf, 1.4mb)

Toolkit & Guide to Effective Parent, Family, and Community Involvement in North Carolina Schools
This online toolkit is designed to help schools more readily identify and incorporate strategies for working with families and communities as they engage them in the process of raising achievement for all students. Schools are encouraged to download the toolkit and store it for easy access and use.
(doc, 5.1mb)


NC Partners E-Group
This group is designed for parents and other members of the community who are interested in receiving the latest information about North Carolina public schools, including regular updates from the State Superintendent.

Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC)
The Parent Information and Resource Center (Parent Partners) has provided services to families and educators in Title I schools since 1985.

The new Common Core State Standards and the Essential Standards will become the official Standard Course of Study in Fall 2012. In addition, a new Accountability Model has been developed in order to ensure a more accurate picture of how well students are learning, and help define the areas where we must make improvements. In order for principals and teachers to fully understand these changes and how they will affect their work, NCDPI has launched the READY Campaign in the spring of 2012. As part of communicating this initiative, additional information is available on the READY website.

READY Information for Parents
Information and resources for parents regarding the READY Accountability Model.