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The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's (NCDPI) Operational Planning Tool is a window into what we are doing to move the State toward achievement of the State Board of Education's (SBE) goals. The Operational Planning Tool includes:

  • The State Board of Education's Goals and Objectives. See SBE Strategic Plan.

  • Each DPI division's priority goals, activities and progress updates. Click on the name of any division to see more.

Clicking on the individual division names in the graphic below will open a pdf with the division priority goals, priority activities and progress updates aligned to the SBE Goals.

Performance Navigator graphic Priority Measures District and School Transformation Curriculum and Instruction Accountability Educator Effectiveness Exceptional Children Residential Schools Digital Teaching and Learning Career and Technical Ed Office of Early Learning K-3 Literacy Virtual Public Schools Charter Schools Human Resources Educator Human Capital Policy and Research Communications Program Monitoring Data, Research, & Federal Policy State Board Operations Financial and Business Services Technology Services


Accountability Division
(pdf, 93kb)

Career and Technical Education Division
(pdf, 90kb)

Charter Schools
(pdf, 80kb)

Communications and Information Division
(pdf, 91kb)

Curriculum and Instruction Division
(pdf, 97kb)

Data, Research and Federal Policy Division
(pdf, 94kb)

Digital Teaching and Learning Division
(pdf, 90kb)

District and School Transformation Division
(pdf, 94kb)

Educator Effectiveness Division
(pdf, 95kb)

Educator Human Capital Policy and Research
(pdf, 101kb)

Exceptional Children Division
(pdf, 92kb)

Financial and Business Services
(pdf, 97kb)

Human Resources Division
(pdf, 85kb)

K-3 Literacy Division
(pdf, 91kb)

North Carolina Virtual Public Schools
(pdf, 89kb)

Office of Early Learning
(pdf, 94kb)

Program Monitoring Division
(pdf, 92kb)

Residential Schools
(pdf, 80kb)

State Board Operations
(pdf, 96kb)

Technology Services
(pdf, 360kb)