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  • Introduction
    (pdf, 91kb)

  • Section I - Economic Basics
    (pdf, 441kb)
    • The Four Factors of Production and their Rewards
    • Candy Bar Economics

  • Section II - Taxing and Spending
    (pdf, 344kb)
    • Local Taxes: Where Does All The Money Go?
    • State Taxes: Why Do We Pay the State?
    • Economic Investment in a Community: A Case Study
    • Is There Such a Thing as a Good Tax?

  • Section III - Money Management
    (pdf, 595kb)
    • Dream Life
    • Family Financial Project

  • Section IV - Savings and Investment
    (pdf, 294kb)
    • Investment: Does Money Grow?

  • Section V – Credit
    (pdf, 371kb)
    • Credit: Friend or Foe?
    • Read the Fine Print

  • Section VI – Insurance
    (pdf, 239kb)
    • Insuring Against Risk
    • Insurance: Do We Need It?

  • Section VII – Banking
    (pdf, 427kb)
    • Banks and Consumer Services
    • No Rubber Checks

  • Additional Resources
    (pdf, 67kb)