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Boiler replacement priorities
Recommendations for air conditioning
Heating system replacements
Cost analysis - alternate designs
Air conditioning cost estimates
Energy conservation recommendations
Preventive maintenance programs

Boiler failures
Temperature and safety controls
Humidity problems
Firebox explosions (natural, LP, oil)
Oil tank leaks

Steam system retrofits
Hot water system renovations
Boiler replacement
Gas and oil burner replacement
Condensate line replacement
Underground oil tank installation
Above ground oil tank installation
Preparation of design drawings and specifications
HVAC controls
Chilled water air conditioning systems
Direct expansion A/C systems
Sizing of ductwork
Ventilation systems
Rooftop unit replacements

Advertisement and receipt of bids:
Inspections and punch lists
Contractor payment review
Review and approval of material and equipment
Field supervision of installation work

Emergency Engineering Assistance:
Boiler breakdowns
Burner problems
HVAC breakdown
Equipment repairs
HVAC controls - troubleshooting