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Water supply & wastewater treatment needs survey
Wastewater plant evaluations & Wetland and Stream evaluations
Compliance with ADA (American Disabilities Act)
Radon studies
Asbestos compliance
OSHA compliance
Discharge permit analysis
Water and wastewater operation and maintenance
Erosion control
Site assessment (ie. Parking, Asphalt, Grading & Drainage)

Wastewater noncompliance & Evaluation of test and compliance data
High lead or copper readings
Contaminated water supplies
Maintenance/operation of wastewater plants
Evaluation of chemical hazards
Indoor air quality complaints
Health and safety violations
Traffic pattern analysis

Layout of water supply systems
Redesign of water and wastewater systems
Evaluation of Special Order of Consent (SOC) agreements
Approval and Permitting of water and wastewater designs
Field installation supervision
Evaluation of alternative designs
Coordination with other state agencies
Upgrading of existing water and wastewater system
Contract administration
Blueprint preparation
Bid documents and specifications
ADA designs

Emergency Engineering Assistance:
Loss of water supplies
Construction of new wells
Contaminated water supplies
Pump-down tests
Wastewater treatment failures/noncompliance
Immediate safety concerns
Equipment breakdowns