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Who May Attend Workshops
The workshops are directed toward maintenance personnel of the school systems.

How to Register
All workshops require that participants be pre-registered. Please e-mail registrations to: When registering for workshops, you must provide name, date, and location of workshop, complete name of employee, school unit, and telephone number. You will receive a reply e-mail confirming receipt of registration for classes. Some classes have limited seating.

There are no registration fees.

Lodging / Directions
Each attendee is responsible for making any lodging arrangements. Meals are not provided.

Even though advance registration has taken place, it will be necessary for each participant to sign-in prior to the beginning of each class session. This will be the official record of class attendance.

Workshop Location:
(A) Fayetteville - Cumberland Co. School Maintenance Training Bldg. 810 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC

Wastewater Facility Operator's 6-hr. Certification
October 15, 2014
8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Location:  Cumberland Co. Schools Maintenance Training Bldg.  810 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC
Basic refresher course on the design, operation, and maintenance of sandfilters, which includes basic theory of biological wastewater treatment and operator’s responsibilities.

School Maintenance Electrician Review & Exam
October 28-31, 2014
First day begins at 9:00 am
Location:  Cumberland Co. Schools Maintenance Training Bldg.  810 Gillespie Street, Fayetteville, NC
Course is directed toward electrical wiring in schools and the National Electric Code with three days of classroom instruction.  The fourth day is scheduled for the School Maintenance Electrician Exam for those interested in in being qualified to perform wiring in school buildings.  The application to sit for the exam is attached to this email.  (address for submittal is on the bottom of the application) Questions concerning the test application should be directed to Ron Chilton with the Office of State Fire Marshal (919) 661-5880 ext. 235.  Participants should bring the 2011 NEC.  It is needed for the class and the exam.

For the School Electrician class, you must be registered for the class through Plant Operation.  In order to take the exam you must submit the application to the Office of State Fire Marshall.

School Electrician Exam Application
(pdf, 41kb)

If you would like to register for either of these courses, please email the names of those you would like to attend.