Why do we have two different data systems for collecting office discipline referral (ODR) data in North Carolina (NCWISE and SWIS)?

NC WISE is the system designated by DPI to record disciplinary incidents as part of the Uniform Education Reporting System (UERS). NC WISE Reporting Hub reports will continue to serve as the authoritative source of school and LEA totals of reportable offenses, short-term suspensions, long-term suspensions, and expulsions. No year-end incident data verification process will be required for these data. The complete guide to reporting incidents may be found at: A quick reference to reporting incidents may be found at: (see Discipline Data Reporting Procedures at )

Some LEAs and schools choose to use SWIS or other third-party subscription services for summarizing discipline data. The NCPBIS Initiative does not endorse any of these database options for PBIS schools because of the fees associated with the systems and because use of these systems requires duplication of data entry (schools using an alternate system must still report required data through NCWISE).

What are the future plans for using NCWISE to manage ODR data for PBIS schools?

Check back for updates.

How does the ODR spreadsheet match up to NCWISE behavioral descriptions?

Every effort is made to match the behaviors listed on the ODR spreadsheet with NCWISE. As the website continues to evolve, check back for additional updates to the Data Requirements webpage. In addition, a crosswalk of the behavioral descriptions for NCWISE and SWIS is available from your PBIS Regional Coordinator.