Is there a publication explaining PBIS to parents and students?

Sample letters explaining PBIS to parents are available at:

Is there a manual or handbook for PBIS?

There is no specific manual or handbook for PBIS. Information about NC PBIS implementation can be found on the NC PBIS website. The website of the OSEP Technical Assistance Center on PBIS is a great resource that contains general information about PBIS for many audiences. The website is searchable and houses recent presentations of the Technical Assistance Partners.

There is also a comprehensive book that explores PBIS implementation titled "Handbook of Positive Behavior Support: Issues in Clinical Child Psychology". (2008). Edited by: Wayne Sailor, Glen Dunlap, and George Sugai. This book is not necessarily a handbook or manual for schools implementing PBIS; rather it is a comprehensive book about PBIS. For information about how to focus your school implementation efforts refer to the timelines section for more information to guide your school implementation throughout the school year.

What reports and documentation are required from PBIS schools?

A full list of all PBIS data requirements is available on the NC PBIS website under the NC Evaluation Data and Reports and Data Requirements at:

When will the revised training modules be available?

Module 1 is already available on the website. Check back after November 15th for Modules 2 & 3.