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From 1 to 1000: PBIS Implementation in North Carolina, Global Implementation Conference, August 2011


  • PBIS Workshop & Recognition, January 2012
    (ppt, 6.0mb)

  • State Level Evaluation Systems, Illinois PBIS Implementers' Forum, October 2011
    (pdf, 1.2mb)

  • PBIS Training Module Updates, EC Conference, Fall 2011
    (pdf, 1.8mb)

  • Safe Schools, Fair Schools Summit, November 2010
    (pps, 6.6mb)

  • Healthy and Safe Schools Meeting, November 2010
    (pps, 6.7mb)

  • Becoming a Better PBIS School. EC Conference, November 2010
    (pps, 3.2mb)

  • Alamance Collaborative, October 2010
    (pps, 1.3mb)

  • Structuring the School Environment for Success, Halifax, August 2010
    (pps, 1.7mb)

Poster Presentations

  • Applying TIPS to State-wide Implementation, Illinois PBIS Implementers' Forum, October 2011
    (pdf, 111kb)

  • School District Support and Successful PBIS Implementation: An Investigation of time, skills,&leadership style of district PBIS coach/coordinators, October 2010
    (pdf, 126kb)

  • Supporting Sustainable Scale-Up with a Regional Coordinator Model, March 2010
    (pdf, 987kb)

Come Together: Uniting PBIS & RTI for School Improvement (November 19-20, 2008)

Coordinator, Coach & Trainer Workshop Materials (February 5-6, 2008)

  • State update – Data Manual – DBR
    (ppt, 926kb)
Coaching: Susan Barrett
District/State Implementation Support
  • Emerging characteristics of sustainable practices
    (ppt, 666kb)

  • Using the self Assessment to Expand and Sustain
    (ppt, 2.5mb)

  • NC School System Self Assessment
    (doc, 68kb)