Providing a Statewide System of Support for Professional Development in NC

Through the NC Race to the Top (RttT) Grant, The NC Department of Public Instruction provides a cadre of leaders who develop and deploy yearly professional development opportunities to NC educators across the state. Regional Professional Development Leaders serve as professional development resource developers, workshop leaders, and professional learning community coaches; Curriculum and Instruction and Information and Technology experts from NCDPI will provide specific opportunities for participants to delve deeper into understanding the new Common Core State and NC Essential Standards.

Professional development is afforded to lead teachers, principals/administrators, Central Office Administrators, LEA and Charter School professional development leaders, and university and college staff in educator preparation programs on various topics such as the NC Standard Course of Study, the NC Educator Evaluation System, Data Literacy, 21st Century Skills, and Strategic Planning of local Professional Development.

About the PD Calendar

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Professional Development Initiative (PDI) builds on already strong regional and statewide professional development programs and resources to provide a comprehensive, targeted, seamless, and flexible system for all educators. This initiative will pinpoint professional development needs at the LEA and Charter School level and assess the degree to which current resources exist in the State to meet those needs. Where resources do not exist, DPI will develop or broker them on behalf of the LEAs.

In partnership with the Regional Education Service Alliances (RESAs), NCDPI can host professional development sessions in each of the eight regions of the state. The RESAs are responsible for providing locations, registration and certificate of completion. Please refer to the contact information below to register for the trainings on the calendar.

Accessing the 2014-2015 PD Calendar

You can access the Google Professional Development Calendar in two ways:

  1. By Region

PLEASE NOTE: If you sync dates on your personal calendar with the Google Calendar, it will not alert you if there are changes or updates made to the session. Please recheck the calendar before traveling if you are going to an event that did not send out a confirmation email. Thank you.


The audience is designated for most of the training sessions on the PD Calendar. Refer to the descriptions of each session and the intended audience to register for the training opportunities.

Map of North Carolina

How to Register

Registration is coordinated through the RESAs in collaboration with the RttT Regional PD Leads and your local contact person. Your RttT Coordinator or Contact Person for your local Summer Institute Leadership Team is the first point of contact to reserve your seat at any of the trainings listed above. Contact information for the RESAs and the RttT Professional Development Leaders is listed below.

These trainings are open to all NC Local Education Agencies, Charter Schools and Private Schools who receive federal funding. If you are not employed by NC or represent one of the entities mentioned above and would like to register for the Professional Development on the Google Calendar, please contact the RESA directly.

We greatly appreciate your feedback. After any PD session, please take a moment to take the post-training survey developed by the RttT Evaluation Team at

Directory and Resources

Regional Education Service Alliances

  1. Northeast RESA. Director: Dr. Leon Holleman. 252.473.1033.
  2. Southeast Education Alliance. Executive Director: Linda G. Lowe. 910.962.7814.
  3. Central Carolina RESA. Director: Dr. Neil Pedersen. 919.882.5951.
  4. Sandhills Regional Education Consortium. . Director: Jim Simeon. 910.693.9910.
  5. Piedmont-Triad Education Consortium. Director: Dr. Larry Coble. 336.712.3393.
  6. Southwest RESA. Director: Dr. Ric Vandett. 828.302.0293.
  7. Northwest RESA. Director: Dr. Joe Sinclair. 336.667.2191.
  8. Western RESA. Director: Dr. Jan Webster. 828.418.0011.

RttT Professional Development Leaders
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New Training Opportunity!!

Home Base Opt-in Training Continues
NCDPI is hosting a second round of regional trainings for the opt-in components of Home Base including Schoolnet and the Professional Development Tool. These are a repeat of the trainings held in July. Please use the following link to register by September 17, 2014. Guidelines for registering are included.
(pdf, 66kb)