Providing a Statewide System of Support for Professional Development in NC

The NC Department of Public Instruction provides a cadre of leaders who develop and deploy yearly professional development opportunities to NC educators across the state. A team of cross-divisional representatives works to identify common needs across each area of the state; coordinates technical assistance based on these needs; assists districts in making data-driven decisions to improve student achievement; enhances staff’s knowledge and delivery of best practices; and builds skills of teachers and administrators. Professional development is afforded to teacher leaders, principals/administrators, Central Office Administrators, LEA and Charter School professional development leaders, and university and college staff in educator preparation programs on various topics such as the NC Standard Course of Study, the NC Educator Evaluation System, Data Literacy, 21st Century Skills, and Strategic Planning of local Professional Development.

A schema for the support offered through the Educator Effectiveness Division is below:

Map of North Carolina

About the PD Calendar

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's Professional Development plan is grounded in building capacity with local educational leaders to provide a comprehensive, targeted, seamless, and flexible system for all educators. This plan pinpoints professional development needs at the LEA and Charter School level and assess the degree to which current resources exist in the state to meet those needs. Where resources do not exist, DPI will develop or broker them on behalf of the LEAs.

In partnership with distinguished teachers and leaders, outside consultant groups, institutions of higher education, and statewide comprehensive technical assistance centers, NCDPI can host professional development sessions in all areas of the state.

Accessing the 2015-2016 PD Calendar

You can access the Professional Development Calendar in three ways:

  1. NC PD 15-16 Google Calendar
  2. NC DPI Department Calendar
  3. Statewide System of Support Wikispaces

PLEASE NOTE: If you sync dates on your personal calendar with the Google Calendar, it will not alert you if there are changes or updates made to the session. Please recheck the calendar before traveling if you are going to an event that did not send out a confirmation email. Thank you.

How to Register

Each calendar event will contain logistical information about the event, a description of the event, description of target audience, registration link, and main point of contact. These trainings are open to all NC Local Education Agencies, Charter Schools and Private Schools who receive federal funding. If you are not employed by NC or represent one of the entities mentioned above and would like to register for the Professional Development on the Google Calendar, please make contact with person listed for the event.