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Responsiveness to Instruction
Kindergarten-12th, Responsiveness to Instruction, DPI
Professional development is designed to prepare LEA and school teams on the basic foundation and implementation strategies of Responsiveness to Instruction (RtI). The training consists of a series of modules that cover the following topics: Problem-Solving; Functional Assessment; Instruction and Interventions in Reading, Math and Positive Behavior Support: School Presentations; Planning; and Resources.

Positive Behavior Support (PBIS)
Kindergarten-12th, Leadership, DPI
PBIS training provides systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior with all students. Training is conducted with school teams that are representative of the staff at their home schools. By training school teams in the principles and practices of PBIS, schools are able to design a system for teaching and encouraging respectful & responsible behaviors, use data to support decision making and continuous improvement, and create an individualized total school climate that supports staff and student behavior and encourages family engagement. The team attends three two-day-each modules to learn the information needed to begin PBIS implementation at their school. They assign team roles, determine effective data management strategies and begin to build a repertoire of behavior management skills. The team determines how to integrate the use of research-based behavior strategies in their school setting to decrease negative behaviors while increasing positive behaviors and student achievement. For more information about training dates and locations, interested schools should contact the PBIS regional coordinator for their area listed on the linked page.

Algebraic Thinking in Elementary School
Kindergarten-5th, Mathematics, LEARN NC
Students often hold incorrect ideas or know very little about American Indian history and culture in North Carolina. From archaeological finds, creation stories, and government treaties, to controversies like the use of Indian-themed mascots in school athletic programs, this course will enrich your exploration of key issues in Native American history in North Carolina.

North Carolina Teacher Standards and Evaluation Process
Professional Support 21st Century Skills, North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, LEARN NC
North Carolina's new teacher standards and evaluation process open the door for a host of new conversations about how teaching and learning happen in our classrooms, our schools, and our profession. In this course, you'll examine the standards and the evaluation model, with an eye on several key concepts.

Promoting Reading Comprehension Skills in the Middle School Classroom
6th-8th, Reading, English Language Arts, LEARN NC
Researchers have found that teaching specific reading strategies leads to better reading comprehension. This workshop will help you prepare your students to become active and purposeful readers who think about their text before, during, and after reading.

Teaching Electricity and Circuits in the Elementary Classroom
Kindergarten-5th, Science, LEARN NC
Boost your understanding of electricity and currents—and impart that understanding to elementary students—using inquiry-based instruction. You will acquire numerous strategies to enhance your questioning techniques and to better assess elementary students' understanding of open and closed circuits, conducting and insulating materials, and series and parallel circuits.