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The Principal as Professional Development Leader


Phyllis H. Lindstrom & Marsha Speck


Corwin Press (2004)


School-based administrators, teachers, board members, parents, and those serious about recruiting, retaining, and developing the best administrators for students and teachers.

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The research is clear that individual teachers have the greatest effect on student performance. The research is also clear that principals, as professional development leaders, are in the best position to provide teachers with the professional development strategies they need to improve their skills and raise student achievement. The Principal as Professional Development Leader guides readers through a step-by-step process to formulate, implement, and evaluate long-term professional development.

Authors Phyllis H. Lindstrom and Marsha Speck simplify and focus the function of the principal as professional development leader by providing scenarios, processes, context, and content that principals can use to create an integrated, collaborative learning environment. Aligned with the National Staff Development Council standards (and hence, the North Carolina Professional Development Standards), this user-friendly resource includes:

  • Rubrics, worksheets, and surveys
  • Professional development planners
  • Sample forms for classroom visits and observations
  • Calendars of professional development activities
  • Recommended readings and reflective questions

In order to improve learning for all students, this unique text provides the strategies, skills, and tools necessary to build the capacity of professional development within the school. The authors supply practical techniques for analyzing student achievement data, evaluating professional development plans, and achieving a culture of sustained.


  1. What does it mean to be a professional development leader?
  2. Is that (professional development leader) a role held only by the principal?
  3. What does “principal as professional development leader” mean?
  4. What are the critical roles of principal as professional development leader?
  5. As professional development leader, what questions does the principal need to ask (and of whom)?
  6. What does the staff need to do to support the principal as professional development leader? What exactly does support look like? Sound like?
Note: See the first page of each chapter of this text for additional questions that may be asked based on each role identified for the principal as professional development leader.


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