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Definition of Professional Development (2009)
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A Summary of the Responses to the Agency Meeting Survey
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North Carolina Professional Development: Taking the Lead on Meeting the Needs of North Carolina Teachers
Educators must continually improve their ability to retool teaching, update curricula integrate new research methodologies into instruction, meet the growing list of the sociopolitical needs of students, and improve student outcomes. This can only happen through ongoing, high-quality professional learning that provides the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of all students.
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North Carolina Professional Development: The Department Responds to LEA Questions
In light of No Child Left Behind and the numerous education reform efforts focusing on professional development, North Carolina school districts are revisiting their current policies, practices, and procedures related to professional development. Almost daily, districts are posing questions to the Department.

The Department has attempted to capture, for the benefit of all districts in the state, the questions posed by districts along with the Department's response to each question. As appropriate, this document will be updated to reflect current questions and responses.
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Financing Professional Learning in North Carolina
North Carolina has purposed to support the planning of high-quality professional development by helping districts better understand how to best integrate professional development expenditures and activities with their overall strategies to improve student performance. The Department of Public Instruction believes a critical first step is understanding what funds are available for expenditure. The following "funding map" has been designed for this purpose.
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