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This chart shows how over $63 million in federal funds were allocated to the first cohort of 24 SIG schools in 18 LEAs with a per school range of $980,000 to $6 million through September 30, 2013. Applications for each school are available under the "Description" column and intervention model terms are explained here (pdf, 0kb).

Anson County Schools   (pdf, 2.6mb) Anson Challenge Academy 370018002367 $2,436,215 Restart
Brunswick County Schools   (pdf, 905kb) Brunswick County Academy 370042000980 $1,996,081 Transformation
Buncombe County Schools   (pdf, 2.8mb) Buncombe Community-East 370045002203 $2,330,198 Turnaround
Burke County Schools   (pdf, 2.1mb) Hallyburton Academy 370048001005 $980,896 Transformation
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools   (pdf, 3.2mb) EE Waddell High School 370297002592 $3,666,133 Closure
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools   (pdf, 3.2mb) West Mecklenburg High School 370297001286 $4,644,698 Transformation
Cumberland County Schools   (pdf, 2.7mb) Walker-Spivey 370001102136 $1,906,662 Transformation
Davidson County Schools   (pdf, 3.6mb) Davidson County Extended Day 370114000462 $2,069,211 Transformation
Durham Public Schools   (pdf, 3.1mb) Durham Performance Learning 370126003085 $1,966,153 Transformation
Gaston County Schools   (pdf, 5.4mb) Warlick School 370162002263 $2,312,198 Turnaround
Guilford County Schools   (pdf, 7.1mb) Oak Hill Elementary 370192000963 $2,864,207 Turnaround
Halifax County Schools   (pdf, 1.9mb) Enfield Middle School 370195000861 $2,083,148 Transformation
Halifax County Schools   (pdf, 2.7mb) Southeast Halifax High School 370195002157 $2,909,148 Transformation
Hickory City Schools   (pdf, 3.3mb) Catawba Valley High School 370219002108 $2,270,207 Turnaround
Nash-Rocky Mount Schools   (pdf, 7.0mb) W.L. Greene Alternative 370327001218 $1,788,099 Transformation
Pitt County Schools   (pdf, 5.8mb) Farmville Central High School 370001201497 $2,286,400 Transformation
Pitt County Schools   (pdf, 5.8mb) North Pitt High School 370001201502 $2,614,000 Transformation
Pitt County Schools   (pdf, 5.8mb) South Central High School 370001202616 $3,269,200 Transformation
Public Schools of Robeson   (pdf, 2.9mb) Fairmont High School 370393002232 $3,136,117 Transformation
Public Schools of Robeson   (pdf, 2.9mb) Lumberton Senior High School 370393002237 $6,000,000 Transformation
Rowan-Salisbury Schools   (pdf, 2.6mb) Henderson Independent High School 370405002409 $2,164,198 Turnaround
Wayne County Schools   (pdf, 2.2mb) Goldsboro High School 370488000502 $2,886,144 Transformation
Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools   (pdf, 3.2mb) Kennedy Learning 370150002194 $2,084,108 Transformation
Winston-Salem Forsyth Schools   (pdf, 3.7mb) Petree Elementary 370150002451 $2,704,108 Turnaround

NCES # by LEA (pdf, 131kb)

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for Waivers to Title I, Part A School Improvement Grants Section 1003(g)

Tydings Amendment

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) was approved for a waiver of section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) (the "Tydings Amendment") as it affects the authority of the NCDPI and its sub-recipients to obligate fiscal year (FY) 2009 regular and Recovery Act School Improvement Grant (SIG) 1003(g) funds after September 30, 2013. Specifically, NCDPI requested that the authority to obligate funds for the State-administered Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) programs listed below be extended to September 30, 2014.

  • CFDA 84.377A School Improvement Grants
  • CFDA 84.388A School Improvement Grants, Recovery Act

This request to extend the waiver, submitted pursuant to section 9401(d)(2) of the ESEA, permits NCDPI in accordance with criteria NCDPI develops, to identify and allow local educational agencies (LEAs) with Cohort 1 SIG schools additional time to expend remaining FY 2009 SIG funds in those schools. In particular, the extension would allow Cohort 1 Tier I or Tier II schools with unexpended FY 2009 funds to use those funds to continue to implement a SIG model during the 2013–2014 school year, if the schools satisfy criteria developed by their SEA. Continued use of available funds will allow LEAs to fully implement one of four rigorous intervention models to significantly turnaround the school. The State believes that the requested waiver will increase the quality of instruction for students, improve the academic achievement of students, and continue to assist the same populations served by the programs for which the waiver is being requested in accordance with applicable program requirements. SIG Cohort I schools approved for this waiver are noted in the document below:

  • SIG Cohort I Schools Approved for Tydings Amendment
    (pdf, 85kb)