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Valuable Financial Benefit for Teachers at High-Needs Schools
To reward teachers for working in poverty impacted areas, the United States Department of Education offers the federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program (TLFP). Attracting and keeping talented teachers in low income schools is intended to promote equity for children who need and deserve the best education possible.

Teachers who work full time for at least 5 consecutive years in schools or educational service agencies (ESAs) with a substantial number of low-income children may be eligible for student loan forgiveness or cancellation. Eligibility requirements and the amount of benefit will depend on the loan type, the individual’s job assignment, and other factors.

Directory of Qualifying Institutions
The institution where a teacher works does not necessarily have to be a Title I school. Instead, it must be one where 30% or more of the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. Such qualifying institutions are listed in a federal directory at: https://www.tcli.ed.gov/CBSWebApp/tcli/TCLIStateWelcome.jsp.

If you have questions about the directory or believe a qualifying institution is not listed, please contact the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction via the number or email at the top of this web page.

More Information
For details about application, qualifying job assignments, years of service, dollar amounts, or loan types, please visit https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/teacher. If the web site does not have the information you need, look at their “contact us” link for a helpful toll-free number, staffed by real people who can answer questions.

We at NCDPI want all eligible teachers to receive the financial benefits they deserve. So, if the information above does not lead you to the answers you need, please see the links below or contact us.

Title I Updates - Teacher Loan Forgiveness
(pdf, 637kb)

Fact Sheet - Federal Loan Repayment
(pdf, 1.8mb)