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Title VI, Part B Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP)
The Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) a federal initiative, mandated by Title VI, Part B of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, is designed to address the unique needs of rural school districts. These districts frequently lack personnel and resources needed to compete for federal competitive grants and often receive formula allocations that are too small to be used effectively for their intended purposes.

REAP Initiatives:

Subpart 1- Small, Rural School Achievement Program (SRSA)
Small, Rural School Achievement Program (SRSA) provides financial assistance to school districts under the Alternative Uses of Funds Authority.

REAP Flexibility provides eligible school districts with greater flexibility in using the formula grant funds they receive under certain state-administered federal programs.

Subpart 2- Rural and Low-Income Schools Program (RLIS)
Rural Low-income Schools Program (RLIS) provides grant funds to assist the school districts in meeting the state’s definition of Adequate Yearly Progress.

2015-2016 REAP Calendar
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