Engaging stakeholders in North Carolina's Race to the Top (RttT) initiatives through clear, frequent communication was an integral part of the state's implementation strategy.  NCDPI produced various reports to inform stakeholder groups about the status and quality of implementation of the RttT work; these reports formed one part of a feedback loop through which NCDPI gathered input to inform continuous improvement of implementation.

RttT Evaluation Consortium Evaluation Reports

The Race to the Top (RttT) evaluation collected quantitative and qualitative data to inform continuous improvement of RttT initiatives as well as to inform future program, policy, and funding decisions, including potential removal of policy barriers and the development of policies that support reforms. The evaluation questions and plans were developed in close consultation with the North Carolina Office of the Governor, the North Carolina State Board of Education, the Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), and the Governor's Education Transformation Commission.

The evaluation was a central component of North Carolina's RttT plan. Working in partnership with local education agencies (LEAs) and charter schools, the state was be able to obtain an assessment of RttT implementation and impacts over time.

The full set of Evaluation Reports are available at: summaries/

Other reports

Annual Progress Report

The US Department of Education (USED) provided an Annual Progress Report (APR) that assessed RttT grantees' "progress toward the annual or four year targets set forth by the grantees in their Race to the Top applications." The NC Department of Public Instruction provided information and data for this report, but USED conducted its own analysis and produced both the written reports and the related website.

Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee Reports

Session Law 2012-77 directed the NC State Board of Education to report bi-annually to the NC General Assembly's Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on the status of certain RttT initiatives. The State Board submitted the first of these reports in September of 2012, and will submit follow-up reports every six months thereafter through the fall of 2015.

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