The Race to the Top (RttT) evaluation will collect quantitative and qualitative data to inform continuous improvement of RttT initiatives as well as to inform future program, policy, and funding decisions, including potential removal of policy barriers and the development of policies that support reforms. The evaluation questions and plans have been developed in close consultation with the North Carolina Office of the Governor, the North Carolina State Board of Education, the Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), and the Governor's Education Transformation Commission.

The evaluation is a central component of North Carolina's RttT plan. Working in partnership with local education agencies (LEAs) and charter schools, the state will be able to obtain an accurate assessment of RttT implementation and impacts over time.

The RttT Summary List of Available and Upcoming Reports by evaluation strand may be found at: cerenc.org/rttt-evaluation/executive- summaries/

Race to the Top Evaluation Consortium

The Consortium for Educational Research and Evaluation – North Carolina (CERE-NC) will conduct the evaluation of the implementation of NC's RttT plan.

Information about CERE-NC and the RttT evaluation may be found at www.cerenc.org/.