To access the full text of General Statutes related to Public School Education including Driver Education please go to: and view Chapters 20 and 115.

Please note that the North Carolina State Board of Education Policies as well as the North Carolina General Statutes 115C for Elementary and Secondary Education apply to all local education agencies throughout North Carolina. NC SBE Policy GCS-R-002 requires Driver's Training be taught outside the instructional day.

NC Driver Handbooks

Driver Handbooks are now available online at:

LEA Driver Education Coordinators may order driver handbooks for driver education classes by contacting the NC Textbook Warehouse at 919.715.5378

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a Driver's Training course in North Carolina's public schools?
Students must complete at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. 16 NCAC 05E.0301(4)

Can Driver's Training be taught during the school day?
The Driver's Training program shall not be provided during the regular public school instructional day. 16NCAC 06E.0301 (a) (10) SBE Policy GCS-R-002

What are the state standards and requirements for local boards of education providing Driver's Training?
Driver education is provided to students attending school within the State of North Carolina. The local education authorities have the option of charging up to $65 in fees per student. Local boards of education determine the amount of instruction per day, and class size (with the exception of behind-the-wheel instruction limited to between two and four students per car). 16NCAC 06E.0301 (a) (1-10) GS§20-88.1

What qualifications are needed to become a Driver's Training instructor for a public school?
Instructors are not required to hold teacher licenses. §115C-215. A valid North Carolina driver's license, a driving record acceptable to the local school board, and a driver education certificate issued by the State Board of Education are required to teach Driver's Training in public schools.* 16NCAC 06E.0301 (a) (9) (A)

*NOTE: The State Board of Education no longer issues these certificates, however instructor-training courses are offered by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

To qualify for non-certified instructor status of driver education a person must be at least 21 years of age, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, be of good moral character, not have any moving violations totaling seven or more points in the past three years, have at least four years' experience as a licensed driver, have no license revocation or suspension within the past four years, and successfully completed a training course offered via DMV or local community colleges. 16NCAC 06E.0302

NOTE: Currently, East Carolina University also offers a Driver's Training Instructor training course.

What is the process for local boards of education to enter contracts with commercial driving schools?
As per 16NCAC 06E.0303, SBE Policy # GCS-R-001 and SBE Policy# GCS-R-004, commercial driving schools must be licensed by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. Contracts with commercial driving schools are awarded on a competitive basis and shall prescribe: the term of the contract which may not exceed one year, the procedure for renewal of the term of the contract, if any, except that a contract may not be renewed for more than two successive one-year terms, the grounds for termination of the contract, identifies whether the contractor will provide home transportation for students, whether school facilities or vehicles are to be leased or used by the contractor and, if so, the terms and conditions or the lease , the types of vehicles and equipment to be provided by the contractor, if any, the procedure for contract renewal, and other terms and conditions including the purchase of insurance by the contractor as the local board of education may determine to be reasonable and appropriate.

How does a public school or public school district identify its salary range for Driver's Training instructors, fiscal year allocations, or use of funds?
All questions regarding funding should be directed to Financial and Business Services at the Department of Public Instruction, 919.807.3600 or or reference SBE Policy # GCS-R-002

What are the procedures for providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and Exceptional Children who enroll in public school Driver's Training?
Principals should collaborate with the IEP team and central school system office coordinator of 504 Plans to ensure that all reasonable accommodations are provided to students who qualify for Free and Appropriate Public Education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

What is the annual allotment to operate the public school Driver's Training program in the state?
Please visit the School Financial & Business Services Allotments Section on this website: