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The vision for School Resource Officer’s (SROs) in North Carolina is to help school personnel develop an awareness of the roles and effective utilization of school resource officers in order to create a caring and safe educational environment that benefits both learning and community. North Carolina’s School Resource Officers (SROs) are an integral component of our on-site school support systems. The responsibilities of the SROs are to provide a safe and secure environment on school campuses, and to prevent juvenile delinquency through the enforcement of laws and ordinances, law-related education and close contact with students and school personnel. Young adults spend more time in school than almost any other place outside of family life. SROs foster a positive and caring relationship with our students and school staff.

SROs can assist in providing the following:

  • Technical Assistance to School Staff in Formulating and Implementing School Safety Plans
  • Course Instruction
  • Mentoring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management Techniques

North Carolina has 1038 SROs serving in elementary, middle and high schools. There are multiple sources of funding for SROs in North Carolina:

  • State Funding 60.39%
  • Local funding 44.63%
  • Other funding ` 6.5%

In summary, a collaborative partnership is essential to promote social and emotional wellness in our school systems. SROs provide a major role in this partnership in the prevention of school drop-out rates and provision of positive role models for our North Carolina students.

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