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Teaming Up For Tobacco Free Schools

A workshop for Creating A Healthier Learning Environment for North Carolina Students

It's time for our next round of regional "Teaming Up for Tobacco Free Schools" workshops. Workshops last year were a great success - seventeen of our eighteen new 100% tobacco free school districts were represented at the workshops.  Many more school and community groups who attended have made significant progress in advancing the policy.  Safe and Drug Free School Coordinators played a huge role in our success.

We have made a few changes from workshops last year.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Enforcement In-service
    The Enforcement In-service will immediately follow the Leadership Forum (breakfast and panel discussion).  We hope that staff in our tobacco free school districts will join us  to learn how to improve enforcement in their school districts.  We will also encourage school and community leaders attending the Leadership Forum - and who who may have questions about the enforcement - to learn more.

  • In-depth Clinic Sessions
    On the afternoon of the second day of the workshop, we are offering 4 concurrent, 3-hour clinic sessions. The topics - which are based on locally identified needs - are as follows: Youth and Adult Cessation; Implementing an ATS Program; TATU Certification Training; and School-based Tobacco Prevention Curricula.

  • N-O-T Facilitator's Training
    On Day 3, we are partnering with the American Lung Association to offer the N-O-T facilitator training.

  • Building Alliances
    On Day 1, we are holding a session that will provide opportunities for regional and state consultants, local leaders, and others to discuss ways they may work together to advance this policy.  We hope to have good participation from Healthy Carolinian Coalitions, Asthma Coalitions, Health Promotion Consultants, Regional Nurse Consultants, Dental Health Consultants, local nonprofits, and others.

"Save the Date" flyer
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