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Professional School Social Work Standards
The State Board of Education approved the North Carolina Professional School Social Work Standards on December 4, 2008. The North Carolina Professional School Social Work Standards will guide the professional development of school social workers in the twenty-first century; provide focus for schools and districts as they support, monitor, and evaluate school social workers; and assist higher education programs in developing the content and requirements for school social work education curricula.
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Professional Standards Support Documents
North Carolina School Social Worker Evaluation Process User Guide
The purpose of the NC School Social Work Evaluation Process, User Guide is to assess the school social worker’s performance in relation to the North Carolina Professional School Social Worker Standards and to design a plan for professional growth.
(pdf, 15.9kb)

Rubric for Evaluating NC School Social Workers
The Rubric for Evaluating School Social Workers is based on the Framework for 21st Century Learning and the NC Professional School Social Work Standards. The instrument is designed to promote effective leadership, quality social work practice, and student learning.
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