MESSAGES 2014 :: JANUARY 28, 2014

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Handouts from Small Group Superintendents' Meetings

Hi, Everyone.

I apologize for sending you so many emails this week, but for local superintendents who are participating in the conference call regional superintendents meeting tomorrow, we wanted to be sure you all received the handouts that have been used in the other regionals.

If you already participated in a regional meeting, it may be useful for you to have a digital copy of these items.

2014-15 Budget Preparation
(pdf, 114kb)

2014-15 Supplemental Budget Recommendations
(pdf, 147kb)

Course weighting for Sups1
(pdf, 355kb)

DPI HomeBase Best Practices Guide FINAL r2
(pdf, 1.2mb)

General Assembly's Read to Achieve Law
(pdf, 271kb)

Governors Teacher Network Proposal one-pager f-b (Superintendents)
(pdf, 212kb)

Highlights of NC RttT Amendment-Extension (Superintendents)
(pdf, 200kb)

Requirements for GAs Read to Achieve Legislation-Jan 2014
(pdf, 233kb)

K-3 Developmental Screening
(pdf, 308kb)

State Board's extensions policy for licensure requirements
(pdf, 213kb)