MESSAGES 2014 :: FEBRUARY 10, 2014

PMRs Need to be Run by Feb. 11

Dear LEA Superintendents, Principals and PowerSchool Coordinators,

I know that the problems with the Principals Monthly Report (PMR) in PowerSchool have been of great concern to you, and these issues are of great concern to me also. Having functional PMRs is a primary need because other key financial projections and calculations depend on these reports. 

Over the Feb. 7-9 weekend, Pearson and NCDPI staff implemented fixes to the PMR software. These fixes are expected to repair the issues that have plagued PMRs for the last several months. Now that the fixes have been applied, we need you to run the PMRs by noon on Tuesday, Feb. 11. If you have not run your PMRs by that point, NCDPI staff will run them for you. 

Once the PMRs are run, we anticipate that there may be some data errors. This is not unexpected and is similar to our experiences in the past. Once the PMRs are run, data errors need to be corrected and the PMRs need to be re-run at the local level. Please complete this process by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 13. This will allow us to then run the Average Daily Membership numbers by Monday, Feb. 17.

I know this timeline is short, but by completing these tasks this week, we will be able to catch up on other processes upon which your budgets and allotments depend for this year and next.