MESSAGES 2014 :: FEBRUARY 11, 2014

Deadline extended for receiving your PMRs

Dear LEA Superintendents, Principals and PowerSchool Coordinators,

This is an update to the email you received on Monday (Feb. 10) to alert you that we've revised the deadline for receiving your Principals Monthly Reports (PMRs) in PowerSchool. The deadline for completing corrections to your month 1 and month 2 PMRs has been extended to Thursday, Feb. 20.

This means you need to run your PMRs (for the first time after the recent maintenance weekend) at least once by Thursday, Feb. 13. If you have not run PMRs by the end of the business day on Feb. 13, NCDPI will begin running them for you on Feb. 14. After they are run, data errors need to be corrected and clean PMRs run by close of business on Thursday, Feb. 20. By running the first set this week, that provides time for data corrections to be completed. After Feb. 20, the data that is in the system will be used to produce the best 1 of 2 Average Daily Membership (ADM) report.

Second, we wanted you to know this new deadline applies to PMRs for Months 1 and 2 only, which is what we need for our state-level deadlines, which brings us to the reason for the tight deadline. We must build our projected ADM numbers by March 1 in order to, in turn, build the statewide education budget by mid-March. Therefore your corrected PMRs for months 1 and 2 are critical to those deadlines.

We heard clearly that the original deadline was problematic for many of you so we decided to extend it.

To reiterate the new deadline: Please run the Months 1 and 2 PMRs and have the data errors corrected by Thursday, Feb. 20. 

This will allow us to then run the Average Daily Membership numbers we need for state budget work.