MESSAGES 2014 :: FEBRUARY 13, 2014

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Additional Info. on Build Workshop & Web Highlights

Dear LEA Superintendents,

As mentioned in Tuesday's Home Base Update Webinar, Build Workshops for March and April are posted and ready for registration. Slots are still available for the three workshops in the first week of March (4th - 7th). These workshops are in Davidson, Edgecombe and Gaston.Also, registration is still open for the Edgecombe class scheduled for March 11-14.

The Workshop/Training Calendar is located at

The Course list provides a description of each training event –

Here's the description for the Build Workshop pulled out of the Course list for you: This 4 day workshop is "Part 2" for schools who build a true student-driven schedule each year AND have previously attended a 3-day Prepare to Build session. Schools must also have completed the checklist from the Prepare to Build session in preparation for this class. (Attached to this email.)

This workshop will have the participants working 'hands-on' in their system to complete their master schedule for next school year and get students scheduled into classes.

This session is for the school's scheduling team andMUSTinclude the person who attended the previous workshop and who will be responsible for the computer work. The entire scheduling team will sit together with one workstation. ONLY THE PERSON WHO ATTENDED THE PREVIOUS "PREPARE TO BUILD" CLASS NEEDS TO REGISTER.The rest of the scheduling team can also attend, but will not need to register. We will have them sign in when they arrive.

Start time will be 8:30 am and will end at approximately 4:00 pm each day. Lunch will be on your own.

NOTE: Attendees who have not previously attended a 3 day Prepare to Build session and who have not completed all necessary steps in preparation for this workshop will not be permitted to stay.

FYI - CLASS SIZES ARE VERY SMALL AS THIS IS ALL HANDS-ON WORK WITH THE HELP OF THE TRAINER. The registration link will advise you if a class is full when you click on the link. You can check back another day to see if there are seats available due to cancellations as participants will have the ability to cancel their own registrations if they cannot attend.

NCDPI Web Highlights - Feb. 12, 2014

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