MESSAGES 2014 :: FEBRUARY 14, 2014

Update on PMR Run Process

Dear LEA Superintendents, Principals and PowerSchool Coordinators,

This is update on the Month 1 and Month 2 PMR run process, currently underway. This process is important in making adjustments to current year funding and to next year's funding.

First, thank you for all your hard work in getting the PMRs run and fatal errors corrected.  Many districts have completed this process as of this morning and we appreciate your hard work.

LEAs:  There are a couple of reminders we need to give you.  With the latest PowerSchool release, there was an additional field added for the school to input the number of instructional minutes in a standard school day, which was covered in a webinar on Monday, February 10.  If you had not input this information as of close of business on Thursday, February 13, DPI or Pearson support input a standard 360 minutes and ran your PMR for you.  If this information is incorrect, you will need to correct this and any other fatal errors you may now have and run a clean PMR by the February 20 deadline.

Charters:  The 360-minute rule (described above) applies to you as well, with the exception of the deadline.  In order for you to receive your third and final allotment by Wednesday, Feb. 19, we need your corrections made by the end of the day, today (Friday, February 14).

Also, PMR 27 exception is a warning for this year ONLY and will NOT impact ADM. The PMR 27 exception alerts you to students who have less than one-half of the required instructional minutes. For this year, these students will be included in ADM. Next year, that will not be the case, and these will be fatal errors and not included in ADM. 

Thank you again for your hard work in meeting these deadlines.