MESSAGES 2014 :: MARCH 6, 2014

NCDPI News and State Board Actions

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Tracy Weeks has been appointed as the Chief Academic and Digital Learning Officer for the NCDPI. North Carolina is one of the first states to have such a position to lead the marriage of curriculum, instruction and technology. Her expertise in virtual and digital learning, technology and instruction has prepared her for this leadership role. At our March quarterly meeting, I will share additional information about some organizational changes we have made at the department.

The State Board today approved our changing from 1-4 levels of proficiency to 1-5 levels of proficiency. This change at the beginning of a new accountability system will give us the opportunity to have greater precision in how we report our student testing results. It takes into account the error of measurement inherent in any testing system.

The State Board also approved the waiver of the number of hours required for high school course credit for just this school year. Having a waiver will give you more flexibility for your block high school courses. Please note that each school still must have 1,025 hours or 185 days.

Memorandums from Rebecca Garland providing details regarding the change in achievement levels and descriptors, and the block schedule seat time requirement have been sent to you separately.

I look forward to seeing you at the March 12 quarterly meeting.

June Atkinson
State Superintendent