MESSAGES 2014 :: MARCH 14, 2014


Home Base Highlights

  • Webinar Highlights New Home Base Professional Development Tool
    A new webinar that highlights the Home Base Professional Development tool has been added to the Home Base website at District personnel are encouraged to view the webinar to learn about this new professional development resource that will be available to all district and charter school educators. Enrollment in state-provided courses begins April 1.

  • Home Base Weekly Project Status Provides Current Update on Home Base Systems
    The Home Base Weekly Project Status website provides an extensive overview of the status for each component that makes up Home Base. Future updates, weekly performance indicators and a professional development schedule also are available. To view the weekly project status update, please visit

  • Home Base Biweekly Newsletter Features Latest Program News
    Want to learn more about the latest news about Home Base? Check out the Home Base biweekly newsletter. To view the edition for Feb. 27, please visit

State Application for 2014 IDEA Grant Award Now Online
The proposed state application for the 2014 IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Grant Award may be viewed through May 7 on the Exceptional Children website at Public comment on the application will accepted March 24 through April 24. Comments may be sent by email to, or by mail to NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), 6356 Mail Service Center, NC 27699-6356, Attention: Valerie Herndon or Ira Wolfe. Please reference the application section number when submitting a comment for the application.

New Section on Child Nutrition Website Provides Critical Food Allergy Resources
Food allergy is a serious medical condition that occurs when the body mistakenly reacts to a certain food or ingredient as if it were harmful. To help educate professionals who serve the nutritional needs of children, a new page has been added to the Child Nutrition website. The page provides material highlighting many common food allergies, safe food service to students, common questions and more. To view this resource, please visit


New Publications at NCDPI

To order, please call 800.663.1250 or visit Publication Sales on the web at

Certificate of Promotion – Elementary to Middle School
A promotion from elementary school to middle school is an exciting event for students and their parents. Recognize students for achieving this special milestone by presenting a Certificate of Promotion. The certificate is specifically designed for students who are moving from elementary to middle school. (100 certificates per pack.)
A-2E, 2005, $10

Certificate of Honor
Students like to be recognized for their academic achievements. Show them how much you value their efforts by presenting a Certificate of Honor award. The certificate is designed to recognize students who made the honor roll. (100 certificates per pack.)
A-3, 2005, $10

Certificate of Award
Do you have a group of students that deserve special recognition? Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by presenting one of our Certificates of Award. This general certificate is designed to be completed by teachers to honor students for their actions. (100 certificates per pack.)
A-4, 2005, $10

Certificate of Appreciation
Pay it forward for special people in your school by presenting them with a Certificate of Appreciation. This general certificate is appropriate to present to stakeholders when you want to recognize a job that is well done. (100 certificates per pack.)
A-5, 2005, $10

What Can a Small Bird Be?
This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a little yellow bird that uses character traits such as courage, good judgment, integrity and kindness to lend a helping hand to animal friends in distant lands. The NCDPI's English Language Arts section and the North Carolina Art Museum sponsored the creative venture as part of the Character Education Teen Residency Project. Together, they transformed their ideas into images and words that tell the story of what it means to be a good person.
IS174, 2011, $5

Character Education Book Provides Guidance for Effective Programs
Helen Keller's words, "When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another," describe the intent of "The Character Education Informational Handbook Guide II." The guide, now in its second edition, provides a renewed look at the Student Citizen Act of 2001 and offers ideas and best practices for fostering character traits such as respect, responsibility, integrity and citizenship in North Carolina's schools and communities.
SO143, 2007, $12