MESSAGES 2014 :: MARCH 21, 2014

Governor's Teacher Network Application Now Open - Deadline is April 21, 2014

Dear North Carolina Teachers,
You and your colleagues are invited to apply to participate in the Governor's Teacher Network and serve for one year as a content expert for North Carolina's Race to the Top initiative. Through this Network, up to 450 local classroom teachers will be tapped to create professional development sessions and materials for their peers or to create instructional materials – unit plans, lesson plans and an aligned benchmark assessment and summative assessment – for other teachers and students to use. These materials will be included in Home Base, the state's technology toolkit providing online instructional and professional development resources statewide. Participation in the Network is in addition to participants' regular teaching responsibilities, and Network teachers will be compensated for their additional work.

Network teachers will be selected through a rigorous application process, open to all teachers in the state. Those selected will receive specialized training related to their projects and support from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction staff over the course of the year, and Network teachers will be paid $10,000 for their work. This compensation is meant to attract outstanding teachers, to recognize their professionalism and hard work and to set high expectations for the quality and quantity of the products they will deliver.

Selection will be based on the following:

  • Depth and quality of prior experience conducting work related to the selected pathway;
  • Ability to provide resources for identified priority areas;
  • Strength and quality of proposed scope of work plan submitted (for Professional Development Pathway); and
  • Strength and quality of sample items submitted (for Instructional Resources).

Selection will also take the following into consideration:

  • LEA size and geographic representation;
  • Grade level and subject representation; and
  • Priority Need Areas.

Teachers participating in the Network will gain a deeper understanding about the State's RttT work for their selected pathway, and they will also be expected to apply the knowledge in their classrooms and to support the work of other teachers. Network teachers will support their colleagues in understanding and accessing available RttT-funded resources and in integrating them into daily practice.

The application is online now, along with additional information about this opportunity, at The deadline for submitting the online application is April 21, 2014.


Adam Levinson
Race to the Top Director
NC Department of Public Instruction