MESSAGES 2014 :: JUNE 3, 2014

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Legislative changes to summer reading camp

Dear Superintendents,
Many of you have expressed concern to me about the scheduling of summer camps for third graders. I anticipate that the General Assembly will act this week about that request. House Bill 230 contains amendments to the Read to Achieve Act that reduce instructional requirements to 72 hours over a period of at least three weeks for schools using calendars other than year-round calendars. This is a change from the current requirement of at least three hours of instruction per day over a six-eight week period. We expect that the House to agree to changes made in the Senate and that the Governor will sign the bill before the end of the week.

For those of you who need to move forward with planning for your camps, I recommend structuring the camps based on an assumption of 72 hours and at least three weeks while preserving the option of extending the length of camp if necessary to comply with the requirements of the law.

We will notify you immediately when the Governor signs this bill. Please see the attached bill for more details.


House Bill 230
(pdf, 97kb)