MESSAGES 2014 :: JUNE 17, 2014

JUNE 17, 2014

Weekly Message for Superintendents: Tuesday, Jun. 17, 2014

I look forward to seeing you on Monday in Asheville at the Summer Leadership Conference, and, as always, I appreciate the Western RESA's work to organize this event for LEAs. Because of the time constraints of the legislative sessions and information flow, we will not hold a legislative webinar this week. Instead, key DPI leaders will be available at the quarterly to answer any questions you may have.

On another note, a group of retired Army Generals and educators held a news conference last week in Raleigh to underscore their support for the Common Core State Standards. Bennie E. Williams, Major General, US Army (retired), and Marvin L. Covault, Lieutenant General, US Army (retired) are two members of the Mission Readiness Military Leaders for Kids organization of hundreds of retired admirals and generals calling for smart investments in America's children. These retired military leaders noted that today 23 percent of North Carolina's high school graduates who try to join the military cannot do so because they are unable to score highly enough on the military's test of math, literacy and problem solving. This group sees the Common Core State Standards as a way to address this issue. Incidentally, the Department of Defense schools are using the Common Core

June Atkinson
State Superintendent

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