MESSAGES 2014 :: JULY 7, 2014

Weekly Message from State Supt. Atkinson

Monday, July 7, 2014 Dear LEA Superintendents, The Home Base opt-in deadline is July 15, only eight days away! I hope that you and your leadership team are considering opting in so that your teachers and students have the benefit of the full Home Base suite of applications and resources. To date, 70 school districts and 22 charter schools have taken that important opt-in step, and more are coming on board every day.

If your district is holding off on a decision so that you can see the final 2014-15 budget first, please keep in mind that neither the House nor the Senate budget included specific funding to cover the "opt-in" cost of $4 per student as measured through average daily membership. Nonetheless, if you identify funding to opt in and lawmakers decide to include Home Base funding in the final budget, any funds you have sent to us for opt-in will be returned to you in recognition of the budget change. Also, as a reminder, you have flexibility in deciding where to locate funds to cover the cost of opting in to all of Home Base.

You can watch the progress of your neighboring school districts in making this decision. We are updating the opt-in calendar every Monday and Tweeting changes regularly. You can view it at

Also, I look forward to seeing you on July 24 at our superintendents' meeting held in conjunction with the annual Financial and Business Services Conference at the Sheraton Imperial, Research Triangle Park. You should have received registration information last week via email.


State Superintendent June Atkinson