MESSAGES 2014 :: JULY 15, 2014

Home Base Opt-In Update on Participation and Cost

Memorandum To: LEA Superintendents, Charter School Directors, Finance Officers, Technology Directors, Principals, Teachers From: State Superintendent June Atkinson

I have good news to report to you. As of close of business today, more than 90 percent of North Carolina school districts and 32.5 percent of charters have opted in to the full Home Base suite, a total that includes 74.4 percent of all public school and public charter school students.

In addition, NCDPI leadership has been negotiating with Pearson to provide the Home Base technology tools at a lower price to local school districts and charter schools.

While our negotiations are being completed, the full offering of all Home Base tools has been extended beyond the July 15 opt-in deadline. We hope to finalize our negotiations (covering three years) this week. As soon as we have the bottom line costs for content, we will let you know immediately so that you can plan your budget needs accordingly.

For the 104 districts and 41 charter schools that have already completed LEA or Charter opt-in forms, you are first in line for summer training. For others who may not have opted in yet, training will be available in later sessions. (See the map of who's opted in at

To see more information about the value that the full Home Base suite will bring to your schools and students, here are some YouTube videos showing this in action:

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