MESSAGES 2014 :: AUGUST 4, 2014

AUGUST 4, 2014

Weekly Message for Superintendents: Monday, Aug. 4, 2014

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us on short notice to participate in Friday's legislative webinar. The documents that were discussed during the webinar are posted online at It is important that you read over these items and familiarize yourself with what is new and what has been altered. There are many items that could be highlighted, but one item that has not received a lot of attention but is critically important is the topic for today's message.

A provision of the new budget removed average daily membership adjustments for growth from the recurring budget. That means that we will not be able to provide planning allotments that take into account growth expected in your district. We will be in the position annually of waiting for the legislature to act on ADM adjustments before we can provide those adjustments. This change, which is more difficult to understand without a knowledge of school finance, is a major change in how North Carolina does business to fund public schools and could leave growing school districts with a small amount of time to work to meet personnel needs and so forth between the end of the legislative session and the start of the school year.

Another change that will affect your districts is the provision that the school performance grades, originally scheduled to be reported out for the first time this fall, will now be reported no sooner than Jan. 15. This change means that only the school testing results (percent proficient) and growth status as well as graduation rates will be released to the public in September at the State Board of Education's meeting. Again, the A-F performance grades will not be released prior to Jan. 15. Stay tuned for more information about the release of the School Report Cards and the new performance grades.

As we continue to analyze the budget and its provisions, we will continue to highlight important items.

June Atkinson
State Superintendent

In this Weekly Superintendents' Message:

  1. State Board of Education Meets This Week
  2. Special Committee on Global Education to Meet
  3. Digital Learning Grants (PRC 030 Funds)
  4. Online Learning For Educators: Home Base PD System
  5. Online Learning For Educators: Home Base PD System

State Board of Education Meets This Week

The State Board of Education will meet this Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 6-7, in the 7th Floor Board Room, Education Building, Raleigh. Among the Board's action items are revision to weighting for college, AP/IB and Honors Courses, a one-year delay request for Carolina STEM Academy, and approval of 21st Century Community Learning Center grants. There are a number of reports also scheduled to be approved under the Board's Consent Agenda including the policy delineating the components of the READY accountability model including Annual Measurable Objectives and the report to the General Assembly on "Care for Students with Diabetes for LEAs and Charter Schools." The complete agenda as well as supporting executive summaries are available online at The meeting is audio streamed for those who cannot attend. To listen, please visit the above link and click on the live audio streams link to the right.

Special Committee on Global Education to Meet

The State Board's Special Committee on Global Education will meet on Thursday, Aug. 7, from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., in the 7th Floor Board Lounge, Education Building, Raleigh. Agenda items include a discussion on the draft policy for the global education digital badge for teachers, global education professional development resources for those seeking a badge, and an update on the establishment of the global ready schools designation. For additional information, please contact Audrey Martin-McCoy at or 919.807.3402.

Digital Learning Grants (PRC 030 Funds)

The General Assembly did pass the final 2014 budget over the weekend. Sadly, the PRC 030 funds, or Digital Learning Grants, that were established in the 2013 budget were eliminated. Therefore, there will be no application process. On a positive note, lawmakers did put in language to allow any unused 2013-14 PRC 030 funds to roll over and be used in 2014-15 until they are expended. They are still subject to the same spending guidelines as in the previous year. Thank you for your support of Digital Teaching and Learning. If you have questions about this, please contact Tracy Weeks, Chief Academic and Digital Learning Officer, at or 919.807.3760.

Online Learning For Educators: Home Base PD System

Superintendents may want to check out the new professional development modules in Home Base. New facilitated sessions will be offered in the fall. Please remind educators that they may register for online modules using the professional development tab in Home Base. If they have trouble logging in, they may use the alternate log in: For 43 of our 50 modules, Sept. 3 will be the last day for educators to complete and access a module on the TOPS site (enrollment was open through June 30). After this date, the new modules will be available through the NCEES Home Base professional development system. Please remind educators to print the completion certificate by Sept. 3 for all modules taken this summer to ensure they have a certificate during this transition. If you have any questions about this process, please contact a member of the Educator Effectiveness Instructional Design team found online at

Online Learning For Educators: Home Base PD System

The July 31 and Aug. 1 editions of the Finance Officers' newsletters are online and contain the following items: Budget Information, PRC 030 Funds and School Bus Parts Inventories (July 31 edition); FY 2014 – 13th Month MFR File – Reminder LEAs, July 2105 Data File Pull Due Monday Evening, Aug. 4 (LEAs and Charters), and Federal Overspent Programs (LEAs) (Aug. 1 edition). To read more, please go to the NCDPI's Financial and Business Services Web site at and click on Resources, then Newsletters.