MESSAGES 2014 :: AUGUST 11, 2014

Possible Revision to the Grading Scale Policy


The State Board approved the new Weighting Policy for Grade Point Calculations at its August meeting. The process for calculation is statutorily authorized to higher education. Both the UNC Board of Governors and the State Board of Community Colleges approved the policy earlier this summer. Beginning with the Freshman Class of 2015, honors courses will carry a maximum of 4.5 points for an "A" and any college level course (AP, IB, community college, university) will carry a maximum of 5 points for an "A."

Since calculations will be changing, the State Board will be considering a revision to the grading scale policy as well. At its September meeting, the Board will begin discussions around a 10-point scale as well as one consistent statewide scale. Many of the issues with PowerSchool calculations occur when students move between LEAs when one uses the plus/minus option and the other does not. Currently around 15% of the LEAs include the plus/minus option.

Please provide input, by return email, around your reaction to a 10-point scale with NO plus/minus option. This change would begin simultaneously with the new GPA calculation with the Freshman Class of 2015. I will share response totals with you and the State Board. Feel free to respond to the scale and plus/minus issue separately if you have a mixed response.