MESSAGES 2014 :: AUGUST 25, 2014

AUGUST 25, 2014

Weekly Message for Superintendents: Monday, Aug. 25, 2014

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Most of your schools welcome students to the 2014-15 school year today. The start of school is always an exciting time for students, teachers, principals and parents. I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your staff a smooth beginning to this new year. Together, we accomplished a great deal over the past year, and I anticipate the upcoming year to be productive as well. Thank you to those of you who have joined me in highlighting school bus safety and, in particular, the need for motorists to stop and wait when they encounter a stopped school bus. Student safety is a fundamental - from the moment students arrive at their school bus stops until they make it safely home at the end of the day.

I hope that the summary memo sent to you on Friday helps you to see key activities directed by the legislative session that just ended. If you have not had a chance to carefully review that, I encourage you to do so.

June Atkinson
State Superintendent

August 21, 2014
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HB Biweekly update
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In this Weekly Superintendents' Message:

  1. Waiver Requests to Expand the Testing Window for One Year Due Sept. 1
  2. NCVPS is Seeking Volunteer Districts to Pilot the Flexible Funding Option
  3. Finance Officers' Newsletter Online

Waiver Requests to Expand the Testing Window for One Year Due Sept. 1

For the 2014โ€“15 school year only, local boards of education may apply for a waiver from the requirements of G.S. ยง115C-174.12(4), which limit the administration of final exams (i.e., all end-of-course, end-of-grade, NC Final Exams, Career and Technical Education State Assessments, and teacher-made final exams) for year-long courses to the final ten instructional days of the school year and the final five instructional days of the semester for semester courses. The State Board of Education shall grant waivers for up to five additional days in order to allow the administration of final exams for year-long courses within the final 15 instructional days of the school year and for semester courses within the final 10 instructional days of the semester. To apply for a waiver, LEAs/charters must submit a request to the Division of Accountability Services no later than close of business Sept. 1. A memo from Deputy State Superintendent Rebecca Garland that has additional information on the waiver request and an attached request form is posted on the Testing News Network (TNN, July 2) and is available to test directors/coordinators.

NCVPS is Seeking Volunteer Districts to Pilot the Flexible Funding Option

School districts and charter schools have a number of options to fund NCVPS enrollments. Districts and charters typically use the allotted funds from the NCDPI's funding formula. In 2011 legislation, the General Assembly outlined four additional options to fund NCVPS enrollments, referred to as flexible funding: local funds, federal funds, special state reserve for children and youth with disabilities and the ADM contingency reserve. These options give districts and charters more flexibility with their own budgets by using all of their revenue streams more strategically. Contact the NCVPS (919.513.8550) to learn more about flexible funding options and to volunteer. We are able to accept the first five interested districts in this pilot.

Finance Officers' Newsletter Online

The Aug. 22 edition of the Finance Officers' newsletter is online and contains the following items: NCVPS is Looking for Volunteer Districts to Pilot the Flexible Funding Option, FY 2014 โ€“ 13th Month MFR File โ€“ Reminder (LEAs), New Procedure for Children with Disabilities Head Count Transfers and Web News. To read more, please go to the NCDPI's Financial and Business Services Web site at and click on Resources, then Newsletters.