MESSAGES 2014 :: AUGUST 28, 2014


State Superintendent Talks about NC Standard Course of Study in Video
State Superintendent June Atkinson takes to the airwaves in a new video to share information on recent legislative decisions around NC's Standard Course of Study. To view the video, please visit .

Teachers and Home Base are Subjects of State Superintendent’s Latest Blog
In her blog post for Aug. 27, State Superintendent June Atkinson shares the story of second-year teacher Sally Smith and how Home Base will help to make this year a better year for her. To view this blog post and earlier entries, please visit

Exceptional Children Updates

  • Amended Exceptional Children Policy Manual on the Web
    The Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities was amended July 2014. The amended document is available to review on the Exceptional Children website at Questions or comments may be directed to the Exceptional Children Division at 919.807.3969.

  • Webinar Discusses Changes to Traumatic Brain Injury Definition
    A webinar discussing the changes to the definition of Traumatic Brain Injury is now available to view on the Exceptional Children website at The webinar features Dr. Stephen Hooper from the Department of Allied and Health Sciences at the UNC School of Medicine. Dr. Hooper highlights the rationale for the change to the definition and how it may affect the teaching of students with traumatic brain injury.

  • Registration for EC Annual Conference now Online
    Registration is now open for the 64th Annual Conference on Exceptional Children. To access the registration link and other information regarding the conference, please visit

2014-15 Consolidated Federal Data Collection Calendar Now Online
The Consolidated Federal Data Collection (CFDC) Calendar for 2014-15 highlights the reports that are part of the CFDC, dates when data is collected for the reports, the type of information collected, and why the data is collected. To view the calendar, please visit

Dropout Data Collecting and Reporting Manual on the Web
The Dropout Data Collecting and Reporting Manual for 2014 is now available on the web at The manual guides school system personnel through the steps for dropout data collection and reporting. It includes definitions, procedures and other information so school personnel understand how to collect and report dropout data. The definitions and procedures in this manual apply to the 2013-14 dropout data that is to be reported to the state for the 2014-15 school year.

Charter Schools Adds New Contact Page for Regional Consultants
A new page has been added the Charter Schools website that provides contact information for its Charter School regional consultants. In addition, the new page features a map that shows the counties for each region, and the schools each consultant serves. To view the new page, please visit

Title I Updates

  • Title I Section Unveils New Handbook
    A new resource is available on the Federal Program Monitoring website for Title I directors. The Title I, Part A Handbook, 2014-15 provides tools and tips to assist directors in managing their Title I programs throughout the year. In addition, the technical assistance documents provide an overview of the authorizing statute and should be used in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education policy guidance. To view the handbook, please visit

  • Federal Program Monitoring and Support Update Features Latest Title I News
    If you’re a Title I director be sure and check out the latest version of the Federal Program Monitoring and Support Update at In this edition the Federal Program Monitoring and Support section welcomes new staff, highlights training dates, regional meetings and more.

School Safety Assessment Form Now Online
The Assessment Screening Inventory for Safe, Orderly and Caring Schools has been updated and is now available on the School Safety website at School administrators can use this form to assess the safety of the school’s external and internal environments, and in designing a school's safety plan.