MESSAGES 2014 :: SEPTEMBER 8, 2014


Weekly Message for Superintendents: Monday, Sept. 8, 2014

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To help us get informative feedback for the State Board of Education's October discussions on the Budget, we will be sending out a survey to your finance officer soon. Thank you for your support of this survey and your district's response.

June Atkinson
State Superintendent

Sept.4, 2014
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In this Weekly Superintendents' Message:

  1. State Board of Education Meeting Highlights
  2. Funding Opportunity: After-School Program Quality Improvement Grants
  3. 2014 NC National Board District Coordinators Fall Seminar

State Board of Education Meeting Highlights

At last week's State Board of Education meeting, members approved the 2013-14 Performance and Growth of North Carolina Public Schools including the Cohort Graduation Rates, End-of-Grade, End-of-Course, The ACT and ACT WorkKeys, Math Course Rigor and Annual Measurable Objectives; Local Boards of Education Waiver Requests to Expand the Testing Window for One Year; State Board approval process for Local Alternative Portfolios for Read to Achieve; beginning of Grade 3 English Language Arts/Reading Academic Achievement Levels; North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board recommendations for approval of charter school applicants' planning year; and the Virtual Charter School Pilot Program Application, Timeline and Process. For a complete list of Board actions, visit

Funding Opportunity: After-School Program Quality Improvement Grants

The North Carolina General Assembly has appropriated $5 million dollars in state funds for the After-School Quality Improvement Grant Program to pilot after-school learning programs for at-risk students. The goal is to support programs that raise standards for student academic outcomes by focusing on the following:

  • Use of an evidence-based model with a proven track record of success.
  • Inclusion of rigorous quantitative performance measures to confirm their effectiveness during the grant cycle and at the end-of-grant cycle.
  • Alignment with State performance measures, student academic goals, and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
  • Prioritization of programs to integrate clear academic content, in particular, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities or reading development and proficiency instruction.
  • Emphasis on minimizing student class size when providing instruction.
  • Expansion of student access to learning activities and academic support that strengthen student engagement and leverage community-based resources, which may include organizations that provide mentoring services and private-sector employer involvement.

All local education agencies (LEAs) are eligible to apply on a competitive basis for two-year grants of up to $500,000 a year, based on the proposed number of students served, with an option for a third year of funding. LEAs are encouraged to work in collaboration with non-profit organizations, including public charter schools in the implementation of the after-school program. At least 70 percent of students served by the program must qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

The 2014 Request for Proposals (RFP) for the After-School Quality Improvement Grant Program will be submitted to the State Board of Education for approval at the October meeting. The 2014 RFP will contain information for applicants including requirements, timelines, scoring rubrics, and planning templates. Once the RFP is approved, additional information will be posted at: If you have questions, please contact Donna Brown at 919.807.3957.

2014 NC National Board District Coordinators Fall Seminar

District Coordinators, teachers, principals, superintendents, and NCDPI staff are invited to attend the National Board District Coordinators Fall Seminar. This seminar will be held on Sept. 12, 8:30 am at the NCAE Building in Raleigh. To attend, please register at Additionally, teachers seeking certification can apply at or visit the NCDPI website at Please contact Dr. Sonja Brown, Educator Effectiveness Division for further information. 919.807.3358 or