MESSAGES 2014 :: SEPTEMBER 26, 2014


Governor’s School Nomination Packets on the Web
The nomination packet and forms for the 2015 session of the North Carolina Governor’s School are now available at Download the packet for comprehensive information about the program, curriculum, timelines, eligibility and selection criteria, and auditions. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominations must be submitted by the students' school system/school by Nov. 14.

Online Events Calendar Features New Look, Improved Functionality
Out with the old and in with the new; a new online events calendar that is. The events calendar for the NCDPI website features a new look and provides easier options to find statewide events for educators, administrators and community partners. To see what’s new, please visit

In addition to the new calendar, we have developed an event form that is entirely online. That means there are no more attachments to download, complete and return. The form is available at

Exceptional Children Website Updates
The Exceptional Children website has been updated recently to reflect the most current data and documents. The updates include:

  • Exceptional Children Division’s Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is now available at It includes the Division’s strategies and objectives to help school districts improve student performance and outcomes, sustain best practices, and build stronger relationships with internal and external stakeholder groups.

  • April 2014 Child Count Report. The report is available on the Exceptional Children website at The April Child Count Report is an unduplicated count of all children with disabilities, and children identified as academically or intellectually gifted.

  • End-of-Year Report for 2012-13. The End-of-Year Report is an annual data collection of personnel, exiting students and discipline data under Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education (IDEA) Act. Data are collected and analyzed from all school districts, charter schools and state-operated programs in North Carolina. The End-of-Year Report for special education teachers and related services personnel, students exiting special education services and disciplinary removal data is available at

Data Management Policy Manual Revised
The Data Management Policy Manual features guidance on a number of issues relating to the collection, validation and retention of data collected for the NCDPI. To review the entire manual, please visit Recent revisions and updates to the policy manual include:

  • DMG-2009-001-RR: Sharing Data with Researchers. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the NCDPI and any organization or individuals conducting educational research. The MOA is required for the release of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about individuals.

  • DMG-2009-002-RR: Requests for Personally Identifiable Information. All requests for PII data at individual level must be approved by the State Superintendent, or a designee.

  • DMG-2009-003-DQ: Master Data Calendar. The Office of Policy and Strategic Planning is responsible for creating and publishing a consolidated master calendar with a schedule for data collection. The calendar is published by the end of February every year.

  • DMG-2009-004-SE: Reporting on Data in Small Cells or Extremes. The NCDPI will suppress results to protect the privacy of students in reporting data for small cells in compliance with FERPA guidelines and agency standards for public distribution of data.

  • DMG-2009-006-SE: Physical Transport of Data. The NCDPI will protect the privacy of individuals when physically transporting education data.

  • DMG-2012-002-SE: Electronic Transmission of Data. The NCDPI will protect the privacy of individuals in transmitting education data electronically.