MESSAGES 2014 :: OCTOBER 15, 2014

ELA/Math Standards Review Process Beginning

This fall we begin the standards review process for the ELA and mathematics standards. We will be following our established State Board policy (GCS-F-012) that calls for a standards review of content standards every five years.

As the NCDPI standards review process progresses, NCDPI will gather information from stakeholders to inform the work of the NCDPI Standards Review Committee. To gather input, NCDPI will administer two surveys this fall—one in October for educators and one in November for the broader community.

On October 19th, we will launch the educators' survey to gather feedback specific to each of the K-12 ELA and math standards. We will be sending an email invitation to participate in the survey to all North Carolina educators. The link will also be posted on the NDDPI website.

Please encourage educators in your district to participate in the ELA and math standards review survey.

Thank you for your support.

Robin B. McCoy, Ph.D.
NCDPI Director, K-12 Curriculum and Instruction

Tracy S. Weeks, Ph.D.
NCDPI Chief Academic and Digital Learning Officer