MESSAGES 2014 :: OCTOBER 20, 2014

PowerSchool Outage and Information about Impact

Dear NC Educators, Please see the following message from NCDPI CIO Nicolaides. We will alert you as updates are available.

Subject: PowerSchool Outage

PowerSchool went down this morning. NCDPI started receiving calls at the Support Center at 8:21 and according to Pearson the system went down a few minutes before that. Pearson does not have an ETA of when the system will be restored.

Pearson indicates while the Powerschool servers are up, there is a data center network connectivity issue that prevents users from accessing the system. This problem affects all Pearson PowerSchool customers that are hosted at their New Jersey data center. This includes all of North Carolina's LEAs and Charter Schools plus many other Pearson customers from multiple states.

In addition to PowerSchool, North Carolina's SchoolNet is not accessible because it uses a single-sign-on module inside PowerSchool.

Our Statewide ODS, which is also hosted in Pearson's New Jersey data center is not affected and is accessible. In addition, our non-production PowerSchool instances (training and test) that Pearson hosts at Amazon are up.

We will keep you all updated as soon as we get more information.

Michael Nicolaides
Chief Information Officer
NC Department of Public Instruction