MESSAGES 2014 :: OCTOBER 22, 2014

Corrected Version - SBE November Receipt of Teacher Turnover

Dear Superintendents and PIOs -

Below is a corrected version of this item. I inadvertently sent a draft version to you that left out Dr. Stewart's contact information. I apologize for the bother. - Vanessa Jeter, Communications

The State Board of Education's November agenda will include the annual Teacher Turnover report (Annual Report on Teachers Leaving the Profession). This email is a reminder that these data will be public on Nov. 5.

Staff in each school district have confirmed your data as accurate, but if you have questions or concerns about this information, please contact Yvette Stewart, assistant director, Educator Effectiveness;

Typically, we do a news release on this report and we will share a draft with you a couple of days ahead of the Board meeting.