MESSAGES 2014 :: OCTOBER 27, 2014

Benchmarks may resume today - Single Sign On (SSO) functionality between PowerSchool and Schoolnet and Educator Evaluation (NCEES) restored

We are pleased to report that LEAs and Charter Schools may resume benchmark tests today using Schoolnet.

Over the weekend, Pearson completed the rebuild and migration of the new Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) server farm in Iowa City and also completed significant load testing to ensure that the environment is robust and scalable to handle North Carolina's login needs. This action should fully restore the Single Sign On links between PowerSchool and Schoolnet and the links between PowerSchool and the Educator Effectiveness System (NCEES).

Please note that any users who left their browser session open over the weekend must completely close their browser and restart their Internet service.

Pearson and NCDPI are actively monitoring the systems this morning to ensure that the changes made over the weekend have the intended effect. If you have any issues using the Schoolnet and NCEES links in PowerSchool, please contact the Home Base Support Center.

We apologize to you for the disruption of any testing or other services during this temporary issue while using Schoolnet. We are endeavoring to continue to create a robust environment for each of our customers so that the students of North Carolina are supported in the manner to which they deserve. Sincerely,