MESSAGES 2014 :: OCTOBER 28, 2014

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Update on Schoolnet issues

or the past two days, LEAs and charter schools have set records using Schoolnet for delivering benchmark assessments, and today our usage is up roughly 50% over yesterday's record-setting pace.

This morning, several LEAs have reported encountering an "Our Apologies" error when trying to access Schoolnet through PowerSchool. One LEA reported that students were unable to log in after 10:00 AM, and students who had already logged in were unable to submit completed benchmarks after 10:00 AM. In addition, one LEA reported that students taking assessments experienced two issues: 1) A class that tested did not show any test data in Schoolnet, and 2) One class of students submitted tests, and some of the students' answers did not show as submitted. In both cases the test data is still stored in Schoolnet. For tests that have been completed by all students but that are not showing scores, teachers may need to work with their Test Coordinator (or anyone in their LEA or School who has "Leadership" or "Access to Assessment Management" role) to force score the test for their class. For more information, see the attached procedure. Alternately, they may have the students log back in and resubmit the tests. The NCDPI also received a report of slowness in generating analysis spreadsheets.

Pearson is aware of these issues, and they are investigating root causes and solutions to the problems. We will provide additional information as it is provided to us. Thank you for your patience and support as we improve your Instructional Improvement System.

Online Test Bulk Scoring
(pdf, 814kb)