MESSAGES 2014 :: OCTOBER 30, 2014

Schoolnet Update

Good afternoon,

Schoolnet will undergo maintenance tonight from 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM to implement the two hot fixes that were planned for yesterday evening. Pearson delayed deploying the hot fixes as planned last night because of the commitment to run the load testing for a longer duration prior to implementing the hot fixes, which was done overnight and continued throughout today. The hot fixes will:

  1. Correct the errors intermittently occurring as it relates to Scheduling Tests (causing a system lock up or the user receives an "Our Apologies" error message)
  2. Correct the Error 404, Bad Request - "Header Too Long" messages that occur when trying to login to Schoolnet from PowerSchool?

In addition, the Pearson team will deploy enhancements as a part of the continued effort to improve and optimize the overall performance of Schoolnet.

The web parts for students and teachers that were temporarily disabled will be restored as soon as possible. Pearson will also be addressing the student assessments that do not show scores by executing a script to score those assessments after the testing is completed this week.

Thank you again for your continued patience.

Cynthia Crowdus, M.A., PMP
Digital Learning Systems Consultant
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