MESSAGES 2014 :: NOVEMBER 21, 2014


State Superintendent Highlights Global Education in Latest Blog
In her latest blog post, State Superintendent June Atkinson shares a story from her childhood and how a globe-trotting teacher transformed her view of the world. To view her discussion about the importance of global education, and earlier blog posts, please visit

Unpacking Standards For English Language Arts Updated
Updated Unpacking Standards for all grades for English Language Arts are now available at Unpacking Standards are documents for educators that define the skills students must master to accomplish specific goals. The documents list the essential standards for each grade level and subject, and provide detailed examples on how to teach a standard.

Title I Reward Schools for 2014-15 on the Web
The list of Title I Reward Schools for 2014-15 is now available on the Federal Program Monitoring website at The list includes Reward Schools and Top 10 Schools and the methodology used to select the schools.

AIG Map for 2014-15 Aligns Key Contacts with State Board of Education Regions
A new map showing contact information for Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) representatives in the eight State Board of Education regions is available at The AIG program is aligned with State Board of Education regions across the North Carolina to build local and regional capacity and create learning communities.

Office of Civil Rights Features New Look and Resources
The Office of Civil Rights website has been updated with new navigation and information about Civil Rights Data Collection, webinars, contact lists, and more. To see what’s new, please visit

Students and Parents Page New on the Child Nutrition Website
The Child Nutrition section has added a new page to its website that highlights information and resources for students and parents. Take a look and see what’s coming up, links to related websites, and more at


Featured Publications at NCDPI

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What Can a Small Bird Be?
What do you get when you bring 24 talented teenagers and their teachers from North Carolina public schools across the state, drop them off in an art museum for three days, and challenge them to create a book that will teach character education to young children? The answer is “What Can a Small Bird Be?” This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a little yellow bird that uses character traits such as courage, good judgment, integrity and kindness to lend a helping hand to animal friends in distant lands. The NCDPI’s English Language Arts section and the North Carolina Art Museum sponsored the creative venture as part of the Character Education Teen Residency Project. Under the inspired leadership of the artist Marguerite Jay Gignoux and writer Susie Wilde, the students and teachers met in March 2011. Together, they transformed their ideas into images and words that tell the story of what it means to be a good person.
IS174, 2011, $5