MESSAGES 2014 :: NOVEMBER 25, 2014

Message from State Supt. June Atkinson

From: June Atkinson

To: Everyone

Subject: Dr. Flood & Mr. Causby

Dear Everyone,

Recently in the News & Observer, JB Buxton wrote about two former DPI employees, Dr. Dudley Flood and Mr. Gene Causby. His article summarized the difficult work they did for North Carolina to have a peaceful approach to public school desegregation. Their work took them across NC from 1969 and 1973 to work with local communities to minimize racial tensions. Both retired from the Department of Public Instruction and Mr. Causby recently passed away. Some of us in the Department who had the pleasure of working with both of them remember their contributions, interesting speeches, and wonderful senses of humor, along with the hard work they did.

Fast forward today—while our work may not have the same dimensions as Dudley's and Gene's work, we are still blazing a trail to improve student learning for every child. Thank you for your part in doing so.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family and you.