MESSAGES 2014 :: DECEMBER 12, 2014

Correction for HB Biweekly, broken link

​Please note that the first
bitly link (shortened) for the new PD Modules, sent in this week's Biweekly newsletter, is broken. The new link below is the correct one.

High Quality Online
PD Modules: Available Now!

Please take advantage of our self-paced,
facilitated modules and mini-modules available to teachers and principals at no charge! You may click here to access a printable version of current modules:
All modules may be accessed through the Educator Effectiveness PD System through Home Base. In addition, you may get ideas for staff and PLCs using the implementation guide, found here:
Over 50 professional development opportunities are listed here for your educators.
Please contact Dr. Geetanjali Soni, or any member of the Educator Effectiveness Division
with any questions.

​An Outage Tip: Following a Home Base outage, be sure that all computer users of Home Base first clear out the computer's cache of cookies. Then restart the computer. Thank you.
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